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From Chefs wear to kitchen cloths, UK Linen & Laundry Ltd can provide you with quality linen and laundry services to suit your business needs.

With access to a wide range of quality kitchen linen in various sizes, we are dedicated to supplying you with the perfect product to suit your kitchen's needs.


We have machines that help us work faster and more efficiently for your business no matter its size, and we deliver promptly too.

Need to hire or launder kitchen linen?

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No matter your business size, we can provide you with the best linen and laundry services with quality unlike any other.

Quality Kitchen Linen In Northampton

a chef preparing vegetables three chefs in a kitchen a chef presenting a plate of spaghetti

Our range of kitchen linen for hire includes:

Providing your kitchen linen and laundry services

• Chef Jackets

• Chef Trousers

• Aprons

• Chef Caps

• Neckties

• Porter Wear

• Kitchen cloths

• Skull caps

... and more!