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No matter the size of your hotel, we have the right quantity and quality of bedroom linen and laundry services just for you.

Bedroom Linen From UK Linen & Laundry, Northampton

Make your hotel bedrooms stand out

As one of the most prominent and noticeable features of a hotel bedroom is the bed, quality linen is necessary.


Thus, we provide excellent bedroom linen in various colours and sizes, ensuring you have what you need to maintain your hotel's prestigious reputation.


You can also choose from a wide range of bathroom linen to complement your bedrooms.

What kind of bedroom are you trying to furnish? What type of bedroom linen are you after?


From single bed rooms to deluxe penthouse suites, we provide linen to suit your bed and bathroom needs in every shape, size and colour you require.

What hotel room linen can you hire?

Choose from a wide range that includes:

• Bed sheets

• Duvet covers

• Pillowcases

• Bath, face and hand towels

• Bathrobes

• Bathmats

• Dressing Gowns

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a lady sleeping in a white hotel bed a hotel bath with a white towel three white pillows on a brown hotel bed